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  • Founded by Jan Waginski
  • Helping students master academic English since 2000

Certifications, Qualifications, Experience

Since 2000, I have been working non-stop to help foreigners and newcomers to Canada improve their writing skills and achieve extraordinary results in elementary school, high school, university, and in their careers. In fact, my students frequently earn higher grades than their native speaker classmates, and they get into the programs they want.

York University: Bachelor of Arts - Psychology & Political Science

Academic English writing teacher: Since 2000, I have been helping English Language Learners master fundamental writing skills that are rarely covered in the classroom but are essential for academic and professional success: grammar, essay and report writing conventions, and vocabulary development. In addition, my program includes a strong emphasis on complex sentences training, which quickly leads to dramatic improvements in the quality of writing.

Henan Agricultural University & Henan UniversityBusiness English and ESL instructor; ESL for medical professionals

Teachers of English as a Second Language (TESL Ontario): Certified ESL teacher for LINC programs funded by Immigration and Citizenship Canada

Adult education: Academic Writing, Professional Communication Skills, IELTS Exam Preparation

Corporate training: As a corporate trainer, I have helped accountants, IT engineers, administrators, scientists, and MBAs improve their speaking and writing skills. Many have been promoted as a direct result of their training. I have developed custom programs for Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) of Ontario, Transamerica Life Canada Insurance Company, Financial Services Commission of Ontario, Office of the Fire Marshall of Ontario, and Platform Computing. 

University of Toronto - Ontario Institute for Studies in Education: Bachelor of Education

Ontario College of Teachers (OCT): Certified teacher

High school teacher since 2011: Grade 12 English, Grade 12 Writer’s Craft, Grade 11 English, ESL, and Literacy (OSSLT Preparation)

Online learning coordinator: In 2013, I founded the online learning program at a large multinational private high school headquartered in Toronto. During my time there, I developed the “Rolls-Royce” of English training programs, praised by head inspectors from the Ontario Ministry of Education as one of the most effective online language programs they had ever seen. This program helped hundreds of foreign students get accepted into the most difficult and prestigious university programs in Canada. 

IDP Canada: Former IELTS examiner

IELTS training: As an IELTS trainer, I have helped high school students, graduates from foreign universities, and professionals get the scores they need on the IELTS examination for PR, medical licensing language requirements, and college and university admission.

Seneca College: Former essay writing instructor in the academic English preparation program

University of Ontario Institute of Technology (CultureWorks@UOIT): Former essay writing instructor in the academic English preparation program

After 10 years of managing the online learning program for a multinational school, I left in early 2023 to focus 100% of my efforts on serving my students in AEM Academy, which is the culmination of my life's work. It brings together everything I have learned in over 20 years of teaching academic writing and best practices in education.

Communication skills are the key to academic and professional success. The world is flooded with workers who have outstanding technical skills. I have seen this repeatedly as a corporate trainer: talented engineers, programmers, and scientists are stuck in technical positions because their managers won’t let them communicate directly with clients due to grammar problems. You simply can't get into management without exceptional communication skills because managers spend a large portion of their day writing emails and directing employees. Learning to write well, without grammar mistakes, is the key that unlocks the door to positions of leadership. Nothing is more important.

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