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During the Zoom call, we will go over your child's writing in depth, and you will get a personal demonstration of our unique writing system. There is no obligation to buy anything, and you'll learn several powerful strategies and techniques to help your child on your own.

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Jan Waginski - Certifications & Qualifications

  • York University: Double major in Psychology and Political Science
  • University of Toronto - Teacher's College: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
  • Ontario College of Teachers: Certified high school and middle school teacher
  • TESL Ontario: Certified ESL teacher for LINC programs funded by Immigration and Citizenship Canada
  • IDP Canada: Certified IELTS examiner


  • Academic English writing teacher since 2000My training program focuses on fundamental writing skills that are rarely covered in the classroom but are essential for academic and professional success: essay and report writing, vocabulary development, and grammar mastery. In addition, there is a strong emphasis on complex sentences training, which quickly leads to dramatic improvements in the quality of writing.
  • High school teacher since 2011Grade 12 English, Grade 12 Writer’s Craft, Grade 11 English, ESL, and Literacy (OSSLT Preparation)
  • Seneca College: Essay writing preparation program for ESL students (ESL934)
  • University of Ontario Institute of Technology (CultureWorks): Academic English preparation program for ESL students
  • Henan Agricultural UniversityBusiness English and ESL instructor

  • IELTS Examiner and IELTS Writing Trainer: Developed one-of-a-kind training system using powerful templates, formulas, and modelling exercises that guarantee students cover the requirements for a high score.
  • Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) Instructor: Academic English, Professional Communication Skills, IELTS Exam Preparation
  • Corporate Business English and Writing Trainer: Developed and delivered custom programs for Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) of Ontario, Transamerica Life Canada Insurance Company, Financial Services Commission of Ontario, Office of the Fire Marshall of Ontario, Platform Computing.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with our program for any reason, even if it's the last class of the month, you will receive a prompt and courteous refund of the entire month's tuition.

Mr. Jan's teaching worked miracles on my language skills. All the advice and his teaching methods, especially the T.R.E.E.S. paragraph format, improved my writing skills significantly. 

Additionally, the grammar rules and the new words he taught us were incredibly helpful as well. I was able to score 95% in English this year, all thanks to him. 

Saheli J., student in Mississauga

Hello! I have already received the IELTS Test Results and I passed it. (Listening 7.0  Reading 6.5  Writing 6.5  Speaking 7.0 Overall 7.0) I had a good time on the IELTS class and I very appreciate you as my teacher. Thanks!

Qianhao L. from China, after only 11 classes, raised his writing Band score from 5.5 to 6.5 AND his speaking Band score from 6.0 to 7.0.

Qianhao now has the Band 7.0 overall he needs for Engineering at University of Waterloo.

Congratulations, Qianhao!

I finished with an 80 all thanks to you, sir!

Mohammed S. from Mississauga went from 62% in grade 9 English to 80% in grade 10 English after completing ONE LEVEL in the AEM writing program.

Congratulations, Mohammed!

I am just sending a message because I thought about you when I got an offer from Ryerson University. I really want to say thank you! All of this could happen because of your kindness and help. It did give me a strength to live in Canada… It’s really hard to contain my appreciation to you in a text but I am trying to ha ha. I was really afraid of confronting different people but your support helped me to overcome it. So thank you again 🙂

MJ needed a writing tutor to help pass IELTS and prepare for university

MJ S. from Markham was just accepted to Mechanical Engineering at Ryerson University. Congratulations, MJ!

How do our students get these results? They focus on the fundamentals:

  • Grammar mastery: Grades rise quickly as soon as serious writing errors decrease, especially run-on sentences, sentence fragment, subject-verb agreement issues, and pronoun-antecedent problems.
  • Complex sentence mastery (our secret sauce): Students make their writing more engaging by learning a wide variety of sentence structures and how to assemble them like Legos.
  • Essay structure: Students master a detailed model of essay writing that removes all guesswork and is effective for ALL elementary, high school, and university courses worldwide.
  • Writing workflows: Students master the process approach to writing used by professional writers: analyze, brainstorm, compile-confirm- cut, develop, edit.
  • "Visible" writing: Most student writing is vague and abstract. Students learn how to add specific details and vivid descriptions to make their writing come to life.
  • Intellectual and vocabulary development: Course content includes social science, history, STEM, and Harvard bookshelf readings. Vocabulary development based on these texts is built into the course.
  • Critical and creative thinking: Powerful thinking tools including integrative and lateral thinking help students see problems in new ways and generate unique ideas.
  • Memory and learning skills: Students increase vocabulary and improve memory and learning skills. The techniques are easy and fun, can be applied immediately in every class, and massively raise kids' confidence in their learning skills.

Hello Sir, 

I am excited to tell you that I got 94% in grade 10 English. I just received the marks and I want to thank you for teaching me English and helping me improve. I never thought I would get 94% and I am extremely happy with my marks.

I got this mark thanks to you Sir, so thank you again, Mr. Jan!

After Risari's mom found AEM Academy, Risari scored 94% in grade 10 English. 

 Congratulations, Risari!

What makes this program different from other writing programs?

  • 1. Learning to write requires frequent writing: Every class includes three writing assignments: one focused on grammar/complex sentences, one focused on precise descriptive writing, and one focused on paragraph/essay development. 
  • 2. Learning to write requires timely feedback: Students receive their feedback the next day. This keeps writing concepts top-of-mind.
  • 3. Learning to write requires detailed and accurate feedback: The morning after submitting their work, students receive detailed, descriptive feedback that is colour-coded by error type: content issues (detail and clarity), cohesion issues (organization of ideas, use of transitions), word choice, and grammar.
  • 4. Learning to write requires revisions: After receiving feedback, students revise their work for additional feedback and corrections. There is no limit to the number of revisions students can complete, and teacher support is available seven days per week. We work with many parents who want their child writing every day, either because the child is far behind or because the child wants to be a better writer.

Students progress quickly when they write regularly, receive prompt and high quality feedback, and then revise problem areas.