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Writing well is not easy. Writing takes a lot of time to master, and it requires a lot of support from a teacher. Unfortunately, classroom teachers don’t have enough time to work with your child when there are 20-30 other children who need attention. However, your child can easily become one of the top writers in the class by mastering the most important skills needed for academic writing success:

  • Mastery of the verb tense system
  • Mastery of the complex sentence system
  • Mastery of essay writing conventions

Many children who struggle with writing also struggle with generating and organizing ideas. That’s why, in addition to learning writing conventions, our program also teaches a five-step approach for all writing assignments. After learning the five-step approach to composition taught in our program, your child will confidently produce high-quality writing EVERY time.   

My name is Jan Waginski. I am an Ontario certified teacher, and I have been teaching Academic Writing for over 20 years and have developed a powerful method that transforms young learners from struggling to confident writers. This method has helped hundreds of my students, MANY of whom were reluctant writers when they started. In fact, it’s common for a “B” or even “C” student to become an “A” student after only a short period of training.

This is how powerful training in writing fundamentals is:

Mr. Jan’s teaching worked miracles on my language skills. All the advice and his teaching methods, especially the T.R.E.E.S paragraph format, improved my writing skills significantly.

Additionally, the grammar rules and the new words he taught us were incredibly helpful as well. I was able to score 95% in English this year, all thanks to him.

Thank you very much Mr. Jan for teaching me everything I needed to learn about this complex language. I am forever indebted to you! 

SAHELI J – Student in mississauga

Saheli was new to Canada and had just completed ESL with an average grade. In high school English, she wasn’t getting the instruction she needed on the fundamentals of grammar and composition, which were her main areas of weakness. In fact, her teachers NEVER taught grammar or the principles of essay writing! As a result, Saheli’s grades were low and her mom was very worried.

After her mom found AEM Academy, Saheli quickly learned the essential principles of essay writing, the verb tense system, and complex sentences. Her grades began to increase almost immediately, and as her skills and confidence grew, she produced longer, well-researched assignments that were beautifully written. She ended up with 95% in grade 9 English. What’s more, her English grades are higher than almost every native speaker’s in her class, and she no longer needs any help in English.

Congratulations, Saheli!

Saheli’s situation is NOT unusual for students in the AEM writing program. Every single student sees a massive increase in grades as they learn the principles of well-organized writing and as grammar errors decrease. This is not just in English. These are skills for life that increase grades in EVERY CLASS since communication skills are 15-25% of course marks.

For these reasons, this program is the single best investment you can make in your child’s education. You will see a complete transformation in your child as they quickly master writing skills.

Moreover, the benefits of the program are not just in writing: 

  • Strong oral communication skills develop from strong writing skills. Presentations, speeches, and sales pitches share the same structures and rhetorical devices as essays.  
  • Reading comprehension skills improve dramatically when students learn to write. Students start to notice how most non-fiction writing (which is most of what children read in school) follows the same predictable structures that students are using in their own writing.
  • Writing well is a requirement for positions of leadership. Managers and executives spend much of their time informing and persuading in writing. 
  • Writing is “thinking on the page.” When students learn the 5-step writing process, they’re able to break down big assignments into small, manageable parts. This makes it easy for students to see how ideas are related to each other and whether or not they make sense, BEFORE they ever start writing a draft. 
  • “The keyboard is mightier than the sword.” You can’t be an effective citizen unless you can write well.  

Unfortunately, you can’t count on school. Your child’s high grades in English could be “fake news”.

Standards in academic writing are becoming worse – not better. A student who recently joined my writing class had gotten 97% in grade 9 English, yet the writing she showed me had many grammar problems and was difficult to understand. I asked her how it was possible to get 97% in English with such problems. She replied that she knew she had lots of grammar problems and that she had asked her teacher for help. However, her teacher replied that in her class, “we only focus on big ideas – we don’t worry about little things like grammar.” 

Fortunately, this course fills in the MASSIVE GAPS in writing training and instills and supports academic writing excellence – from grade 5 up to senior high school.  In fact, I strongly believe this course is the single best investment you can make in your child’s future. Protect all the time, energy, and money you have invested in your child’s education, and help them get ahead of their peers. You’ll see a complete attitude change toward writingyoung learners LOVE writing as soon as they become good at it.

FREE writing assessment and strategy session  

If you’d like your child to develop excellent writing skills, I offer a FREE assessment of your child’s writing. As a certified teacher with extensive experience with junior and senior grades, I can provide greater context about your child’s current writing skills and exactly what they need to do to experience greater levels of academic success. 

Here’s how it works:  

  1. You can send me a recent example of your child’s writing OR I can send you a prompt for your child to write a short essay. 
  1. You’ll have access to my calendar to book a 45-minute Zoom meeting to go over your child’s writing.
  1. I’ll personally discuss the results with you and provide you with a plan to support your child’s success – whether you want to study with AEM Academy or help your child on your own. There is no obligation to buy anything.   

I work one-on-one with a small number of students. A few spots are currently available in the program but they go fast, so book a FREE writing assessment today. 

Let’s talk about helping your child write well.  

Jan Waginski, OCT