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Future Continuous

Purpose: Making a prediction about the future

Active voice: By this time next year, I’ll be working somewhere else.

Passive voice: There is NO PASSIVE VOICE for future continuous.

Important differences when using "while" + present continuous/future continuous

While + present continuous refers to time

While I'm marking papers, I won't be taking any calls.

  • Native speakers won't say "While I'll be marking papers,…" when referring to a future situation like this.

While + future continuous = Even though

Q. If we want to dispute our marks, will you recheck our papers?

A. While I will be rechecking papers upon request, your mark might go up or down.

  • This structure functions as a modal: a native speaker will emphasize "WILL" to confirm the possibility of rechecking papers. The focus of this statement is not on time but on possibility.